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Planning The Future of Your Farm: A Workbook Supporting Specialty Crop Farm Transfer Decisions.

Planning the Future of your Farm Workbook (PDF)

Now available in Spanish!
Planificando el futuro de su propiedad agrícola: Ahora disponible en español – Enlace al libro (PDF)

A publication of the Office of Farmland Preservation

Created and edited by Andrew Branan, Branan Law Firm with Washington state contributions from Duncan Greene, Partner, Van Ness Feldman: and Dennis Brislawn, Jr., J.D., The Private Client Law Group.

Thank you for your interest in this workbook. This publication is the result of a specialty crop block grant funding the Office of Farmland Preservation received to create this workbook. 
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Table of Contents

About the Washington Edition
How to Use This Workbook

Section One: Developing a Vision for the Future

Section Two: Evaluating Your Farm Resources

Section Three: Farm Transfer Tools

Section Four: Meeting with Professional Advisers